Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I get if I pass?

Passing Module 1 and Module 2 allows you to join the ICE register of Accredited Contract Managers and you can refer to yourself as same.  You do not need to be an ICE member to join the register.  

We also note for students in Northern Ireland that from 2019 Project Managers on CPD projects are required to be either (1) NEC Accredited Project Managers; or (2) have completed Module 2 of the LCM course.  Therefore, passing Module 2 is of great benefit to those working on CPD projects.  Link to CPD guidance note is here for reference. 

When / where are the exams?

The LCM exams are set by the ICE and take place in June each year.  The Module 1 (law) exam is normally the first Monday of June.  The Module 2 (NEC4) exam is normally the second Monday.  The exams will be held online and will be remotely proctored / invigilated. 

The ICE exam fee is not included in the price of our course.  This exam fee is payable directly to the ICE.  The exam fees are £125 per module for ICE members, or £150 for non-members. 

Are there exam past papers?  What are the pass marks?

Yes.  The ICE publishes examiners reports every year which includes the past papers and answers.  The 2021 examiners report can be downloaded here for reference. 

As part of our delivery of the LCM course, we will focus heavily on past paper practice.  We will have recorded videos going through each past paper in detail for students to use as a learning aid. 

The pass mark for Module 1 is 40%.  The pass mark for Module 2 is 50%.

What if you are too busy to attend?

Not an issue.  All lectures are delivered live via zoom.  These will be recorded and uploaded to our learning app so that you can rewatch in your own time. 

Are there any exemptions available?

If you are an NEC3/4 accredited Project Manager (i.e. you have passed the official course run by NEC / Thomas Telford) then you are exempt from Module 2.  You therefore only need to pass Module 1 to become an ICE Accredited Contracts Manager. 

What if I fail?

If you fail one module, you can resit it the following year.  You do not need to resit both.  Similarly, you can do one module per year if you wish to take things slower.  We charge a discounted rate for delegates who need to resit.  Only 50% of the standard course fee is payable. 

What can I do after the LCM course?

If you have passed Module 1 and Module 2, then you can choose proceed to Module 3 (Advanced Contract Management).  This module is at a significantly higher level and is directed a mid-career professional who have considerable experience in contractual issues.  

There are currently no preparation courses on the market for Module 3 because it is so specialist.  It is our aim to run a preparation course for Module 3 in the future if there is enough interest in same.  William Brown has passed this module and is available to provide further advice on Module 3 if required.  Passing Module 3 is a pre-requisite to sitting the ICE Adjudicator’s Qualifying Exam for inclusion on the ICE panel of adjudicators.  

Are group discounts available?

Yes.  We are happy to give a discounted rate for group bookings.  Please let us know the size of the group and we will propose a suitable discount.

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